My Thursday Morning Wake Up Call.

The dawn last Thursday arrived with a CRASH!

Things I learned that day....
- The IMac is a very sensitive computer.
- Yet the Epson scanner bed glass is the strongest in the world.
- Always save new work to a disk everyday.
- All the help numbers at Apple and nothing surprises them.
- The hourly rate for a computer tech to make a housecall.
- Stud finders can lie to you.
- How many hairs I can pull out of my head in one fist full.

and most important of all...

- How many Star Wars action figures it takes to exceed an Ikea shelf weight limit.

1 comment:

  1. Ah bogus man!

    Is your iMac okay? Is Padme okay?

    Nice B-wing, btw, is that original POTF or is that from the new slew (I-III)?