Step by Step...

Have you seen that moment watching a gardening show when the host is giving the description of the yard makeover and you see that bird's eye view artwork of the yard morph from the before to the hoped to be after ? Ya know what I'm talking about? Well , I did the same kind of graphics for Outer Spaces . It's on weekends at 12:30 p.s.t. on HGTV . Please forgive my "plug" and last few posts about Outer Spaces. Everyone involved worked really hard on the show and it was a rare career experience that provided many stories to tell.

Below are a series of "step by step" graphics used in one episode . Although not the best example of my work , they are just 6 steps compared to the 14 steps of art I did for one episode that I could of posted . This is a general example of what I did for every show in seasons 1 , 2 and 3 .

Below are 2 pictures of the final makeover the above graphics are based on .

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