St. Patrick's Day 2006

To weed or not to weed..that is the question of this post. The shamrocks, clovers or whatever you want to call them pictured above and below are from my own yard. I love them. They are reminders of life back east and Irish heritage.

I'm in a current debate. A certain person I live with, that will remain unknown, says they are weeds. I say a good looking and easy growing potential ground cover.

I also love the way they grow in the cracks of the concrete patio, I think gives a mystic worn and ancient feel to something so urban.

I'd welcome any comment as to weed or not to weed.


  1. Not a weed! It's so very, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." They penatrate that hard, urban concrete just to thrive in the sun...and make us think of leprachauns and Guinness.

  2. It isn't easy being green. Don't kill it!

    It's beautiful, adds character. I'll always vote for more green in the city. Even a little bit. It makes me happy. Unless it's growing in your closet or shower. Then show no mercy.

  3. I, too, agree that the urban/farm pastiche is good. Embrace it. Then have a beer.

  4. these pictures are stunningly gorgeous. you must blow em' up and frame the shit out of them.

  5. the unnamed person in blog3/31/2006 3:22 PM

    Oh whatever! Too much drama and deep meaning given to freakin' weeds! Get over it, people.

  6. Leave the weed alone Alessandra!