Westrim Crafts

Every once in awhile I get a job that makes me step back and say..."I get paid for this?...Life's pretty good."

Westrim Crafts asked me to make large display pieces for their booth at the big Craft & Hobby Association Convention in Las Vegas next week. The display pieces are large versions of their soon to be "monster" themed craft kits.

Each finished monster is about 4' tall. The large chinese take out box is how the kits will be packaged. Not pictured are 3 other smaller pieces such as a pair of legs that will be poking out of one of the booth pillars. The challenge of this project was to try and mimic the small 3" high originals made of pipe cleaners, pom poms etc. I made the understructure out of wire so the "monsters" would be poseable like the originals. Thanks to my old co-worker and friend Kirk Scott for coming in at short notice to help me with the box as the deadline was approaching and Stefanie Gerard for hooking me up with the gig.

This was a fun project, somewhere between making giant action figures and muppets.

click to enlarge picture

My supervising producer on Stylelicious and Craftlab, Lisa Sichi, was at CHA and took the pics below of the Westrim booth at the show. Thanks Lisa!


  1. YAY! This is what my imaginery friend looked like when I was a child. How did you know?

  2. I kind of miss the blue guy in the box. He was the first monster I made and he watched me for days from the corner of the shop. I found myself
    giving him a little nod and a "hey.How are ya?" every morning.
    I wonder if he still thinks of me?

  3. not only were these a hit at CHA - your blog has been sent to everyone at westrim and affiliates - where we all love seeing them